Waterproofing & repair product

ZORROCRETE 008W is styrene butadiene rubber based dispersion for modifying and improving bonding. It bonds strongly to old & new concrete and plasters.
ZORROCRETE reduces shrinkage, prevents cracking, dust pick up & improves Abrasion resistance. Waterproof plasters for masonry & slurries. Also resistant to algae and fungus.

  • For concrete repairs- spalled concrete of floors, columns, beams, chhajas, slabs, parapets, etc.
  • For Waterproofing- roof slabs, sunken portions of toilets & bathrooms, chhajas, balconies, staircases, lift pits, sunshades etc.
  • As a bonding agent- Uses in repair and plastering, bonding mortar for tiles & panels, as undercoat for special finishes such as top rendering coat for chemical resistant floors.
  • As a bond coat- For bonding of new concrete to old concrete, plastering & masonry stone work.
  • As external rendering- Weatherproof & frost resistant render high wear & erosion resistant render. As bonding slurry coat for pinhole treatment on concrete surface & as repair mortar for overhead application.
  • As a treatment for leaching and salt petre action.
  • White turbid liquid can be easily applied by brush.
  • Provides excellent bond to concrete, adhesion.
  • Plaster, masonry, stone work, etc.
  • Useful as a bonding agent between old and new concrete surfaces.
  • Multi-purpose use as a bonding agent, modifier for cement-sand & concrete mixes in building repairs.
  • Gives weather resistant mortar with improved durability impermeability to chlorides and other harmful agents.
  • Excellent as a cement modifier.
  • Allows breathing thus preventing peeling off.
  • Gives weather resistant mortar with improved durability & impermeability to chlorides and other harmful agents.
  • Repair mortar modified with ZORROCRETE is suitable for repairing of RCC beams, columns, slabs and other
    RCC members.
  • Reduces shrinkage & water permeability in concrete & mortar.
  • Good as a bonding agent in repairs & renovations.
  • Compatible with all common hydraulic cements.
  • Grouting- Reduces viscosity of cement injection grout for better fluidity & bonding.


The object of the surface preparation is to achieve a clean sound surface with a good mechanical key. All substrates should be cleaned and good mechanical key. All substrates should be cleaned and free of dust, plaster, oil, paint, grease, corrosion deposits etc.


For priming of steel surface, apply Rust Remover of any reputed company to all exposed reinforcement area and wash it with water jet before applying epoxy zinc rich primer of any reputed company on the rebar’s.

For priming of concrete substrate should be thoroughly dampened with water and any excess removed before being primed by thoroughly scrubbing in a slurry coat of 1 volume of ZORROCRETE 008W to 1 volume water to 3 volumes fresh cement.


  • A forced action mixer is essential(PAN Mixer) & recommended to ensure that ZORROCRETE 008W mortar is thoroughly mixed or use a suitable sized drum with heavy-duty electrical drill machine fitted with spiral paddle mixer at slow speed of 400-500 rpm.
  • Head mixing is permissible only for 25kg or less quantity. Charge the mixer with required quantity of clean & dry sand, cement & mix for 1-2 minutes, then add ZORROCRETE 008W as per dosages recommended. Mix for 2-3 minutes to avoid air entrapment. Keep on slowly adding water until the required consistency is achieved. Do not add extra water.
  • Do not add extra water or more than recommended dosage.
  • Recommended dosage to be followed to achieve desired results.

500gm, 1Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg, 20Kg, 50Kg & 200Kg


Store in a cool dry place in unopened condition.(Prevent from direct sunlight)


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