3-coat waterproof coating for terraces

ZORRO NEW SOLO COAT 014NC is heavy duty durable reinforced acrylic based flexible terrace waterproof coating. It is a unique coating system, specially developed for waterproofing & protection of any structure exposed to extreme weather conditions, sudden or irregular temperature variations, polluted industrial influences and rain etc.It forms a joint free water tight flexible membrane there by making the treated surface absolutely impervious to water. Resistant to UV & IR radiation and due to solar reflection, insulation properties of Roof improves.

  • All new RCC flat and sloping roofs.
  • Over existing old cementations waterproofing treatments like brick-bat-cobe, concrete screeds, acrylic coatings, etc.
  • External walls, parapet walls, balconies etc.
  • Better film thickness – Provides 1mm to 1.25mm dry film thickness in 3 coats.
  • High crack bridging ability up to 2mm width.
  • No need to remove existing sound BB coba, plaster, concrete surface.
  • Can be used for flat as well as sloping roof.
  • High tensile strength, tear resistance and bond strength-With cementitious substrates as compared to available products.
  • No protective system – Required for roofs subjected to foot traffic.
  • Good resistance – Against UV rays and fungal growth.
  • Easy in application – Can be applied by roller.
  • Non-toxic, breathable and washable.
  • Aesthetic finish – Available in White color.
  • Apply one primer coat with 50% water dilution allow to dry for 3-4 hours.
  • Apply the first coat of ZORRO FIX NEW SOLO COAT 014 NC without any dilution at the rate of 1.5- 2 m² per kg and allow it to dry before taking up the second and third coats.
  • In larger roofs, an open woven glass fiber mesh of 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm must be sandwiched between the first and second coat. While the 1st coat is still wet, place the fiber mesh on it. After the coat dries, start applying the 2nd coat of ZORRO FIX NEW SOLO COAT 014 NC. This improves the performance of the coating dramatically, to take care of all movements in cracks and cold joints in the substrate caused by variations of high and low temperatures. This reinforcement with fiber mesh shall be extended up to the drip mould over the angle fillets.
  • The sequence of colours of ZORRO FIX NEW SOLO COAT 014 NC can be decided depending on the desired top coat colour.
  • In case only two colours are being used, ensure that the colour of the first and the third coat are the same. This would ensure correct consumption of material that will deliver a total DFT of 1 mm.
  • Drying time between coats will be 6 to 8 hrs.
  • Allow the system to air cure for 7 days minimum.
  • All corners, gaps, joints, protrusions and outlets shall be coated with two extra coats.
  • Do not apply during rains, substrate must be in SSD condition for application of primer.
  • Application temperature should be between 5 to 30 degrees.
  • Dilute the product as per recommendation only.
  • Don’t keep the material in open and sun light.
  • Stir well before use.
  • Apply on sound surface.
  • Treat the crack if any with ZORROCRACK FIX 009C crack filler.
  • Allow to Air cure for 72 hours
  • Don’t apply in hot sun or if want to apply wet the surface continuously with water sprinkling to cool surface.

5Kg & 15 kg


Store in cool & dry place.


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